Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ten More New Ideas for Losing Weight

We've heard it all about dieting, right? Maybe, but maybe these 10 ideas will be new to you.
1. Keep healthy foods front and center. You are more likely to eat them if you see them first.

2. Don't eat out in restaurants where you usually use a take-home box for what you can't eat at the table.

3. Sit in a well-lit part of the restaurant. You'll eat healthier foods than if you gorge in the dark.

4. Don't sit near a television. People eat more if they watch TV during their meal.

5. Be aware of verbal triggers meant to make you happier to eat food:

  • Sensory terms: Crispy French fries, velvety chocolate cake, etc.
  • Nostalgic terms: Grandma's, Mama's, Old Timey.
  • Brand names: Jack Daniels, Blizzard.
6. Go for half-sized portions or sharing a plate. It costs more, but you'll eat less.

7. Use the small plates but the large glasses when you go to a buffet.

8. Tell your server to skip the bread and bring more water.

9. Eat where your thin friends eat. And, for kids,

10. Ask "What would (Batman, Superman, the Rigelians on the Simpsons) eat? They may try new and lower-calorie offerings.

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