Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coffee and Pain Relief, Day 2

I've been continuing my little experiment with coffee and pain relief, and I have another 24 hours of mostly pain-free living under my belt, since I started taking a green coffee bean extract product--with no expectation at all that it would relieve chronic muscle pain.

While my primary inclination is just to enjoy the day, I did take a little time to do a cursory search of the medical literature to see why the heck coffee bean extract might put an end to chronic muscle pain. (I am not positively sure that it does, but the pain relief started about 24 hours after I started taking the extract twice a day.) Turns out that products like this are a relatively good source of a compound called chlorogenic acid. The product manufacturers focs on chlorogenic acid as a "carb blocker" for weight loss programs, but there is also a body of research, preliminary though it may be, that it can block certain kinds of inflammation-related pain.

And I've had a lot of that the last year or so.

That's all I have for now. I'll post as there are further developments--or at least if I go into pain-free day #4.

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