Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Easy Detox 1-2-3

Interested in quick detoxification? The best detox method I know involves three simple steps--and doesn't cost a lot of money.

Detoxification means many things to many people. For decades, detoxing was associated with colon cleansing and liver flushes, two activities that have some benefit for some people, although they can hardly be recommended for everyone. If you have any kind of perforation in your bowel, you certainly don't need to be taking enemas at home. And if you have gallbladder disease or biliary dyskinesia, you don't need to be doing liver flushes.

I'll just tell you without further commentary here that many "cleansing" products are designed to give you just enough results to think they are doing you some good so you will keep buying them for months. I don't want to get sued, so I'm not going to name names here. What I will do you is how to detox with a nearly-free detox plan that really works.

1.First, reestablish the healthy bacteria in your intestinal tract. The best way to do this is by taking a probiotic product in capsule form. Enteric capsulation helps the bacteria survive passage through the stomach acids. The more strains of bacteria included in the product the more good it will do you. You can also use probiotic yogurts, but make sure they contain live organisms.
2. Add fiber to your diet, slowly. Soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables is better than insoluble fiber from bran, and either is better than fiber supplements. But if you just can't work the nine servings of fruits and/or vegetables every day, take a fiber supplement (preferably one you can dissolve in water). Start slowly.
3. Then start making changes in your diet. See if cutting out one food you eat every day makes a difference. For instance, if you eat scrambled eggs each and every morning of your life, try a week without them. See how you feel. If you drink Diet Coke every single day, try switching to something else bubbly and calorie-free, like mineral water (which doesn't have aspartame and does provide a little magnesium). The time for allergy elimination diets, gluten-free diets, and diets for food allergies is after you reestablish probiotic bacteria and you are feeding them with fiber.

How does this detox work?

There's good evidence that probiotic bacteria reduce inflammation. They also produce chemicals that modulate the hypothalamus in the brain in ways that fight depression. "Detoxing" your brain activity is the place to start with detoxing your body.

The fiber helps your body in two ways. If you have established healthy bacteria in your colon, they start changing fiber into cancer-protective butyric acid and also into some vitamins, such as vitamin K. They prevent the reaccumulation of hormones your liver has sent into the gut for elimination with feces. And the bulk of the fiber makes your more regular. You'll lose a pound or two (up to about a kilo), provided you are getting plenty of fluid, preferably water.

Then your body takes over the detoxification process as you just eliminate any offending substances. It doesn't do you nearly as much good, however, to stop eating a food to which you are allergic before you have taken the first two steps.

Do you have to eat all organic food? That may be ideal, but if you can't afford organics, at least alkalize by eating vegetables and, if you don't have a problem with blood sugar levels, dried fruit. The alkalization of your urine both kills toxin-producing bacteria and helps your body retain the calcium and glutamate that help keep it stable. Photo Credit: Biswarup Ganguly

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