Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When Sugar-Free Sweeteners Just Aren't Sweet Enough

A other common problem among type 2 diabetics − in fact, is an early warning sign of the disease − is an inability to taste sweetness. Here is what to do if neither sugar nor sugar-free sweeteners give you enough flavor.

Before you know you have type 2, you're likely want to add more and more sugar to your coffee or tea or cereal to get the sweetness level right. After you know you have diabetes, you might switch to artificial sweeteners, but find that you need two or three packets of sweetener instead of one. And you guzzle down diet drinks without ever feeling satisfied.

One way of dealing with a lack of sweet perception is to be conscious of the tip of your tongue. Take a smaller bite of food or a smaller sip of drink. Roll it to the front of your mouth. Even if your nerve endings have been damaged by diabetes, you will still have your greatest concentration of sweet receptors at the tip of your tongue.

Let the tip of your tongue do all the work of tasting, and don't spread the food or beverage over the parts of your tongue where there are no receptors to note the sweet flavor. Simply eating and drinking more slowly, keeping the food or drink at the front of your mouth, will enable you to taste more sweetness with less sweetener.

Before you give up on sweeteners for diabetics altogether, see if this trick doesn't work. You may enjoy food and drink more and reach for your sweetener packets a lot less often--or at least take one instead of two.

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