Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sexual Positions that Enhance the Chances of Conception

When and how a couple has intercourse has a great deal to do with how likely they are to have a child. Couples who are trying to conceive need to consider different sexual techniques and sexual positions, at least during those 1 to 5 days a month the female partner is fertile.

Many couples forget that while a man can become a father on any day of the month, women are only fertile for a day or so in the mid-point of their menstrual cycles just after the ovaries have released the egg. Any changes in sex technique intended to increase chances of having a child have to be practiced at that time. Other times of the month, they make no difference.

The most important thing for couples to remember about sexual positions is that the man-on-top missionary position increases the likelihood of pregnancy. When the couple make love with the man above the woman, the penis is thrust in a boomerang shape further into the cervix, nearer to the ovaries. The sperm do not have to travel as far to reach the egg as they do when the couple has intercourse in some other position.

Another important consideration for couples seeking to conceive is to limit foreplay. During foreplay,  the muscles in the woman's abdomen lift the uterus away from the cervix. The ejaculate lands nearer to the opening of the cervix, and the sperm have farther to travel to reach the egg.

It is helpful for men to abstain from any sexual activities resulting in ejaculation for 1 to 4 days before trying to conceive. This maximizes both the volume of semen and the sperm count. There is a limit to how much semen the prostate can store, so abstaining for more than 4 days before having intercourse to conceive a child.

Before couples start thinking about fertility and acupuncture and start having corrective procedures for problems like chlamydia and testicular torsion, these simple changes may prove enough. It's only a few days each month that couples need to change their sex lives to maximize their chances of getting pregnant.

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