Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remarkable Remission from Pancreatic Cancer

In my blog I commented with amazement that a patient of Dr. Demetrio Sodi-Pallares had survived 11 years about a diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer. Today I learned of a person who has survived 40 years after diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. I didn't demand proof, but I am sufficiently confident of the veracity of the claim to share it here. We all eventually die, but it is possible to survive pancreatic cancer far, far longer than most suppose!


  1. What did he do different to survive that long?

  2. Hello, yo.

    I asked myself the same question. If you have survived 40 years, there are some things that you didn't have done because they weren't available. I do know this guy didn't have the full range of chemo available at the time, but no pancreatic cancer patient now would, either. I'll inquire further and get back to the question. Thanks for asking.