Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Basics of Baby Acne

Many proud new parents are dismayed 3 to 4 weeks after the birth when splotches of red pimples break out their beautiful newborn's face. Usually occurring at the time the baby is at his or her peak of gassiness and fussiness, baby acne brings photo taking to a temporary halt and causes most parents to wonder if something is seriously wrong with their child's health.

What Is Baby Acne?

The red pimples of baby acne result from a hormonal connection of mother to child that is completed just before birth. Just before delivery, the placenta allows testosterone to flow from mother to child. This hormone helps the lungs to mature to enable breathing, but it also stimulates the growth of the pores in the skin that make oily sebum. Three to four weeks after birth the baby's pores begin to clog with sebum, trapping infection inside.

What Are the Symptoms of Baby Acne?

Distinguishing baby's skin rash and acne is not hard to do. Baby acne usually causes whiteheads and pimples on the cheeks, forehead, and chin. When the baby is fussy, increased flow of blood to the face makes blemishes more visible. Baby acne is also more visible when there is skin irritation, either from contact with harsh soaps or spitting up on the face.

Which Babies Get Baby Acne?

About 50 per cent of all babies develop acne several weeks after birth. Baby acne occurs in babies of all races and all skin types. It usually goes away in four to six months. Some similar looking conditions that are not actually acne, however, are more common in babies who have certain skin types rather than others.

What Can Parents Do About Baby Acne?

If you know how to give your baby a bath, you know the basics of how to get rid of baby acne. Most home remedies for baby acne are questionable, but there is one simple, effective, and inexpensive natural remedy for baby acne that really works. Blue light therapy devices for baby acne are going a little too far, but benzoyl peroxide for baby acne can be just the thing for blemishes that aren't too close to the baby's eyes. And every parent will want to consider vitamins for baby acne.

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