Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Remedies for Baby Acne That Don't Work (with a Link to One That Does)

There are many natural remedies for mild to moderate acne in teens and adults. There is just one natural remedy for acne in babies. Before telling you the one natural remedy for baby acne that is safe, effective, and even inexpensive, first let's consider why not to use some of the common natural remedies for adult skin blemishes.

Why Not to Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil kills acne bacteria just a little slower than benzoyl peroxide and takes the redness and inflammation out of pimples at the same time. It stops staph and strep infections in addition to treating acne. Many of the tea tree products you find at the cosmetic counter, however, such as BeautiControl Skinlogics Cleansing Gel, contain other fragrances that dry out baby's delicate skin. A product like Derma E Tea Tree and E Face and Body Wash would probably be gentle enough for a baby, but since it is a rinse, the tea tree oil does not stay in contact with the skin long enough to do any good.

And you do not want to dab pure tea tree oil directly on baby's skin because the vapors can cause headaches and stomaches. There is just no place on the baby that is not close to the baby's nose!

Why Not to Use Vinegar

Vinegar masks may make their teenaged and adult users smell like a pickle factory, but they are a good way to remove dead skin that blocks pores. You don't want your baby smelling like a pickle factory, either, but there is a bigger problem. Vinegar is an acid, and baby's skin just can't stand up to acid. But there is a natural treatment for baby acne that is both safe and effective for baby acne.

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