Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diabetics Can Lower After-Breakfast Sugars 40%! (Or Not)

Scientific researchers have recently announced that type 2 diabetics can get blood sugar levels lower by eating more. It's a breakthrough that tells us a lot about the value of diabetes research.

Publishing their findings in the journal of the American Diabetes Association entitled Diabetes Care, researchers at Newcastle University in Newcastle on Tyne in England report that eating a soy yogurt snack before breakfast reduces the after-breakfast increase in blood sugar levels by 40 per cent. If you eat the fermented soy product, and then have your regular breakfast, the blood sugar levels in your bloodstream go up, but they go up much more slowly.

In some type 2 diabetics, usually those who have not had the condition very long, slowing down the rate at which sugar enters the bloodstream gives the pancreas time to churn out the insulin needed to keep blood sugar levels down (relatively speaking). Soy yogurt does this by tying up fatty acids in your food.

Insulin moves sugar out of your bloodstream, but it also moves fatty acids out of your bloodstream. If soy yogurt keeps fatty acids from getting into your bloodstream, then you have more insulin available to take care of blood sugars. There is just one problem with eating more to make your blood sugar levels less, and it's a big one.

Not all type 2 diabetics make enough insulin to get their blood sugar levels down, even with a head start. And in these type 2 diabetics, eating a "normal" breakfast just increases insulin resistance and makes the pancreas have to work harder and harder while having less and less effect on your blood sugar levels. However, the extra insulin will store more and more fat.

The researchers try to tell us that you can eat more and your body will act like you ate less. But it's a lot simpler just to eat less--or make the soy yogurt your entire breakfast, saving your carbs for lunch!


Chen MJ, Jovanovic A, Taylor R. Utilizing the second-meal effect in type 2 diabetes: practical use of a soya-yogurt snack. Diabetes Care. 2010 Dec;33(12):2552-4.

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