Monday, January 17, 2011

Anodyne Therapy for Diabetic Feet

If there is anything most diabetics and their doctors can agree on, it's that you are cuter with all your toes. Taking care of circulatory problems in the feet and legs can prevent unsightly, disabling wounds and foot ulcers, and it can prevent the infection and possible amputation of toes, feet, and even legs. But taking care of circulatory problems is not an easy thing to do until now.

Even if you keep your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels in good control, you can have problems with your feet and toes. The traditional remedy has been "salami surgery," removing more and more problem areas as you have longer and longer untreated circulatory problems. Then surgeons invented a bypass procedure for the feet that imitates bypass surgery for the heart. For a non-surgical, no-drug therapy that really works, however, there is now a method known as anodyne therapy.

This technique is based on a technology known as monochromatic infrared thermal energy, trademarked as MIRE. It's a little like using any other heating pad, except the energy is "tuned" to speed up circulation and the total amount of energy is about 20% less than what you would get by putting your feet on an electric heating pad. The effects start lower but last longer, several hours longer, and the more often you stimulate circulation to your feet, the less likely you are to have pain in the future.

One study found that the diabetics who got the most benefit from using MIRE units were those who described their pain as "horrible" or "excruciating." Since the drugs that relieve the pain are older antidepressants that also make you gain weight and, as one user puts it, "drift off into la-la land" (the newer antidepressants not having any effect on diabetic pain caused by neuropathy), this treatment is also better for most type 2 diabetics who have significant, although not horrible or excruciating, foot pain.

Depending on your insurance coverage, it may be less expensive simply to buy a unit than to go to the doctor's office for treatments. Chiropractors and naturopaths also can help you with MIRE treatment.

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