Monday, January 3, 2011

A Reader Asks: Why Do Always Feel Hot Since I Got Type 2 Diabetes?

This morning one of our readers, a man, asked why he felt like he had hot flashes 24/7 since he developed type 2 diabetes. Here are some possibilities to check out with your doctor.

1. If you have "hot flashes" with heartburn or sluggish digestion, the problem may actually be diabetic neuropathy affecting the vagus nerve. This is the nerve that regulates both heart beat and the speed of digestion. This would the first thing we'd ask about in women who are not menopausal and men who have diabetes and this symptom.

2. Another possibility is that your kidneys are working overtime to keep your acids and bases in balance. Try eating less meat, and avoiding diet soft drinks (which are acidifying).

3. If you have been taking fish oil, try taking less. Sometimes this symptom is caused by excessive vitamin A absorption. It can also be caused by excessive consumption of butter, cream, and high-fat cheeses.

There are also several serious conditions that display this symptom, including carcinoid cancer, T-cell lymphoma, and others. These are not medical emergencies, and they are not very likely diagnoses. Just be sure to mention your hot flashes when you see your doctor.

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