Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Garlic is an herbal remedy people tend either to love or hate. It's helpful in reversing insulin resistance so that cells all over your body can absorb more sugar from the bloodstream while your pancreas does less work. It's also helpful if you are in the early stages of type 2 when your pancreas is actually producing too much insulin. It contains compounds that "unzip" the storage form of insulin to make the active form of the hormone your body needs to manage glucose.

The downside to using garlic as a remedy for type 2 diabetes is that you can't get these benefits by taking a pill. You have to chomp into cloves, clumps, or at least little tiny bits of whole, raw garlic. The action of chewing the pungent herb and combining it with saliva is what releases the chemical that stimulates insulin production.

On the other hand, the chemical that helps your body deal with insulin resistance does not survive passage through the acid of the stomach unless it is taken in the form of an enteric-coated capsule. Essentially, to get both of these bases covered, you have to eat this veggie raw plus take a supplement. Between the two, bad breath is going to be a problem. But there are things you can do to make bad breath much less of a problem. Here are three:

1. Be sure to drink water with your meal. The garlicky bits get washed out of your mouth, and once they hit the digestive juices of your stomach, they stop smelling as bad. (If you emit garlicky gases, then you probably have some kind of condition that causes low stomach acid. The easiest solution for this is to eat something bitter, such as kale, raddichio, or Angostura bitters at the beginning of your meal.)
2. Brush as soon as possible after you eat.
3. Eat spinach or apple, cooked or raw, with your meal. Both of these plant foods contain compounds that break the odor-causing molecules even while you are still eating. Basil and parsley also help, and drinking milk with your meal with coat your mouth and greatly reduce garlicky breath.

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