Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help! My Family Doesn't Want to Eat a Healthy Diet!

It's not at all unusual for type 2 diabetics to find out that their families don't want to eat healthy meals. Even the most supportive family of non-diabetics is occasionally going to want fast food, popcorn, candy, or a special holiday meal, or maybe several. What's a type 2 to do?

It may seem like you have reached a fork in the road where (1) you are going to have to prepare multiple meals to keep everybody happy or (2) you'll just have to rely on medication and be satisfied with inadequate blood sugar control. Actually, there's a third option. Remember that not every dish for every meal has to be prepared at the same time, and some foods actually taste better as leftovers.

When you find a healthy food that your family enjoys, make lots of it. It helps to have leftovers available for them the next day when you may be making a healthy meals they don't enjoy as much.

Or, if you know there's going to be a day your family will want to order pizza, then have leftovers available for yourself so you won't have to eat food that's not optimal for your diabetic diet. Soups, in particular, can be very filling and help you lose weight, and they often develop flavor after several days of refrigeration.

Your health and your family's happiness is worth every ounce of the effort you have to dish out. Get into the habit of planning and cooking ahead to make sure you can always stay on target for your weight and glucose control goals. And for more ideas, buy Bev's book Eat to Beat the Belly Fat Blues.

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