Monday, November 8, 2010

Exercise Alone for Quick Weight Loss Just Doesn't Work, Especially for Type 2 Diabetics

People make enormous investments in home fitness exercise equipment, treadmill, elliptical exercise equipment, exercise bikes, and the like. People spend small fortunes on gym fees and personal trainers. But does emphasizing exercises to lose weight quickly really work?

The best exercises for your metabolic health are hard and fast. Exercising at rate causing you to get out of breath burns sugar calories 28 to 35 times faster than exercising at a pace slow enough you could hold on a conversation with a fellow exerciser. For 90 minutes or so after you lift weight, your muscles absorb sugar from your bloodstream at 50 times their normal rate so they can also absorb the water and amino acids they need to repair and reshape themselves.

The best weight loss exercise is easy and slow. If you take an afternoon off just to take a slow hike through the woods, you'll burn a lot more fat than you could burn in an intense workout at the gym. But let's put this in perspective.

If you weigh more than 300 pounds, even quitting your job to walk across the USA will not cause enough fat burning for you to get down to 200 pounds. Fat just doesn't respond to exercise very well.

In fact, most people who do an easy workout routine at the gym gain weight rather than losing it. They may lose a pound of fat and gain two pounds of muscle, but they weigh more after working out every day for three to six months than before.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise. You should exercise. You will feel better, and your metabolism will be spared the effects of sugar. Losing weight however, almost always comes down to eating less (unless your diabetes is so poorly controlled that your body has started breaking down both fat and muscles for sugar). And if you do exercise, you want to schedule those carefully measured, smaller meals so that they will feed your muscles to that you have fat loss, not muscle loss. Be sure to eat within 60 minutes of working out so your muscles will get the nutrients they need.

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