Sunday, October 10, 2010

Since You Asked: Cinnamon and Bacterial Infection

Last month we published a number of posts on cinnamon for diabetes. We have received a question about whether cinnamon might also help fight urinary tract infections, which are harder to control in people who have type 2 diabetes.

Our answer is a definite maybe.

There has been some research concerning the direct application of cinnamon extracts to catheters as a way to cut down on infections. There has also has been some testing of cinnamon extracts (the kind of cinnamon that is used to flavor oatmeal and pastries, Cinnamon zeylanicum) as a treatment for yeast infections and E. coli infections. The cinnamon extracts are antibacterial against 21 species and antifungal against 4.

There's not yet anything that proves that taking cinnamon capsules, however, could help you get over a bacterial infection. It just seems likely that in the case of bladder infections, it's probably helpful.

Selected Reference:

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