Monday, October 4, 2010

Indian Gooseberry Fruit as a Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Indian gooseberry fruit, also known as jamun, is a commonly used treatment for type 2 diabetes in India and, interestingly, Ecuador. The wonderful thing about Indian gooseberry as a treatment for type 2 diabetes is that research tells us that it actually works, and it even works when the starting blood sugar levels are quite high. Research from India tells us that 1-2 grams of Indian gooseberry a day "controls" blood sugar levels after 1-2 months.

Unfortunately, the research does not also tell us what "control" means. Did the users of Indian gooseberry have fasting blood sugar levels below 200 mg/dl? 150 mg/dl? 300 mg/dl? Before they gave up their medications, did they suffer hypoglycemia? Would it be safe to drive, to operate heavy equipment, or to do brain surgery if you use this herb?

The study is, as the researchers admit, "preliminary." If you take your blood sugar levels regularly, however, you can find out for yourself how well Indian gooseberry works for you. Start with a very small amount, say 1/8 of a teaspoon, and don't proceed without testing blood sugar levels.

Selected Reference:

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