Monday, February 4, 2008

How to Use the Toto Toilet

After a 20-hour flight to Japan, many travelers are ready to check in to their hotel rooms but not ready to use the toilet facilities that come with the room.

The environmentally friendly, super-sanitary Toto Toilet not only is the most common Western-style toilet in Japan, it's the best selling commode in the world. Many Americans, however, need advance instruction in how to use it.

(The first time I saw a Toto Toilet, in my hotel room in Osaka, it came with detailed written instructions. Unfortunately for me, the instructions were on a soggy piece of paper and written in Japanese.)

The main difference between a Toto Toilet and a typical Western style toilet is the absence of toilet paper. A stream of warm water washes the nether areas from the back of the device, and sensors in the toilet close the lid and flush when you get off the seat. On most models, the toilet seat is heated.

If you get totally confused by the Toto Toilet, there is a remote control device so that after you explain your situation, hotel staff can take care of any problems with a minimum of embarrassment.

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